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Maschinen fest 2010
un-edited notes from Maschinen fest 2010. I might clean or re-write this entry later. I started my Maschinen fest trip by flying in Finnair business class. [...]
About shows and travelling
This week I travelled to Tampere to see Einstürzende Neubauten on their 3 decades tour. Twice, as all these 3 decades shows are split to two days, one as [...]
After long silence…
…I am again working on some new music. Actually currently working on three(!) songs: Bunnies and cats don’t mix is mixing elements of drum [...]
Schatten 10v. ja hautajaiset
At last I found my neck, took a good grip from it and went through all those around 300 photos from last Schatten club ever, in January 2010. While I [...]
Kesä takana, syksy edessä
Toukokuussa oli Wave gotik treffen Leipzigissa Saksassa. Heinäkuussa oli Lumous Tampereella. Heinäkuussa oli Gothic Festival Waregemissä Belgiassa. [...]
This year so far…
In January I went to Tampere and attended last Schatten Club. It was ok. I also went to afterparty, but since I didn’t real feel like partying, I [...]
Uusi vuosi, uudet kujeet…
…tai sitten ei. Vuosi vaihtui, aika hiljaista on ollut viime vuonnakin, tänä vuonna tuskin on kovin paljon enempää aktionia luvassa. En siis usko, [...]
Bad year
No Mera luna for me this year, and no Maschinen fest either. This has been worst year since… I don’t know, or remember. Now I could say, that I [...]
Still many records for sale! *update*
It has been long since I updated my records for sale list, but now it is again up-to date. I have removed many sold CDs and also added again few more CDs. [...]
Top of the pop 2008? And 2007?
As you probably know, only radio I have is in my car, and I never listen to. I don’t have TV either. So I am completely out of clue, what might be IN [...]