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If you don’t feel like using commenting option of this blog-software, there are various ways you can use to contact me. I do prefer e-mail, but you can use whatever works best for you.

e-mail address:

lauantaitanssit at undyinglands dot org (in blog related matters this is preferred address!)

hiljaisuus at undyinglands dot org (for everything else this one)

postita at undyinglands dot org (this one is mainly for mailing lists and spam)

I am pretty sure that you know how to translate these, but if you really don’t have any clue, then: remove spaces, change at = @ and dot = . , so there.

I have spam assassin installed on my server, so all spam will be garantined and later deleted without reading. If you are mailing me, please avoid excessive use of following words: viagra, cialis, $$$$, make money fast, and some others, you know which ones I mean. And all possible miss-spellings of same words.

MSN messenger:

hiljaisuus at undyinglands dot org

Same translation method as in e-mail address (and you probably realized that this is same as one of my e-mail addresses :).

You can catch me on IRC sometimes, but not very often:

I will be using IRCnet through -server. I am most of time Hiljaisuus, rest of time time I might be Hiljaa. Unfortunately, at times these are both taken by somebody else, so be careful who to harass… 🙁

For snail-mail you can use address:

Anssi Salakka

Kinaporinkatu 3 a 21, FIN-00500 Helsinki, FINLAND

I do review and write something about every single (promo) CD I receive for free, and good ones I also play if/when DJing somewhere.

I have also (mobile) phone, so you can call or SMS me to number: +358-400-541446

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