Me : wannabe journalist

Since mid-nineties I have worked in different positions on some small magazines, ok, mainly doing everything that is left from everybody else. So I have took photos, written record reviews, written festival/gig reports, and also interviewed some bands (including at least: Ordo rosarius equilibrio, This morn’ omina, Fading colours…). Common to all the magazines I have worked for, is that they have died after 1 to 2 issues since I joined the magazine workforce. Last one died before I even had to write anything. 🙁

Biggest ones I have worked for were SF Perkele Metal magazine (ok, I took some photos and wrote something for first two issues, and magazine died couple of years later) and Prospective magazine. Smaller ones includes Frantic magazine, Mediapimento and Schatten magazine (I am not 100% sure if this is dead, but there haven’t been any activity since last autumn. I was supposed to write about my ten years experience of Mera luna festival (I have visited that festival since it was still called Zillo…).

So, if you are editor of some magazine and you are tired of editing, feel free to contact me, and we can discuss what I can do to help you kill your magazine… 😀

Since 1996 I have also babbled mainly about music, in different forms of non-magazine in and around internet. My goal is to continue this “gonzo-journalist” way also in this blog, in forms of record/gig/festival reviews.

Record review will be under this category: levy-arviot/record reviews.

And rest of the reviews will be undr this category: keikka raportit/live reviews.