Me : DJ

I have been djing since autumn 1997. I have been organizing events as well, since autumn 1997. Funny how time flies. But I haven’t really been too active on either fronts. Still, ten years means quite a few events and quite a few Dj-sets.

Currently my main event organizing/djing is happening around Radium Club. Last week, before my sets at club Anvil, I made decision, that I will no longer do any guest DJ visits.

If/when we get something happening again, I will write about it in category:   tulossa/coming soon category-link.

I will post my old playlists to this blog under category: dj: soittolista/set list.

dj: soittolista/set list-category link.

Oh, and of course, new playlists will be posted to same category right after the events! There are still many playlists missing, and it is very unlikely that I would some day have all my set lists here. But I will post all that I found.

For briefly (8 sets) I was also djing at internet radio Radio Ubik (dead at the moment…). I ended that “career”, when one of the other DJ’s started complaining, that I am not doing it properly and that I only had distortion pedal sending feedback to “radiowaves”. His statements were quite weird, since he effectively made it very clear, that he hadn’t listened even one of my “shows”. Come to think of it, I still don’t have even a single distortion pedal. My radio ubik set lists are with all the other dj set lists.