My music/tools

Kotistudio 2 (pieni)

picture is old, very old, doesn’t match at all anymore…

Computers, tablets & phone:

Silmatera – Macbook Pro retina 15″, 16gb, 500 gb ssd, 1 gb tb drive (work), 2 gb usb drive (backup)

SilverBride – Macbook Pro 17″, 8 gb, 500 gb SSD + 500 gb internl hd, 1 tb (backup), 320 gb (work), 250 gb (trash), external blu-ray burner


FashionVictim – Macbook Air 11″, 4 gb, 128 gb SSD, 1 gb (backup) drive

Claudius – Powerbook 12″, 1,25 gb, 250 gb, etc

iPad Air 32gb/g4

iPad Mini 32gb/wifi

iPhone 6 64gb

Commodore C-128 with SD-card drive and Mssiah sid midi-module.




iOS devices

Midi controllers




String instruments:



Amps & cabinets

Misc. stuff


Monitoring and Mixing:


Ideas, planned improvents, shopping list

I fell to ages old trap, bought 8-channel mixer, because I needed those 8-channels. But I forget the usually false margeting, Mix8 is actually 6-channel mixer with 2 more channels as “Tape” input without any volume/eq control. I should have bought Mix12fx instead. I probably will, soon. It is really funny, that Mix12 actually has 12 channels + tape, while Mix8 only has 6 channels + tape.

I need better table to house my synths, mixer, etc. My current table is oval kitchen table. My NuForce Icon and Amphion Ions don’t fit to my current table. Also only one table top synth can fit that table, so I must choose between Mopho, Kaossilator, Air synth or tenori-on.

But first of all, I would really need bigger/better apartment, or separate studio space. Moneywise, bigger/better apartment is more likely solution.

Also some kind of stand for Nord drum pads would be nice, and some smallish cabinet for guitar, so I don’t need to switch cable between Micro CL and Tube meister when playing guitar or bass.

And I kind of want Ibanez Meshuggah signature 8-string guitar, and 6-string Vigier; GV or Excalibur Ultra and Fractal audio Axe FX and…and…list is endless. 🙂


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