My music

I do compose, or more like, produce my own music. I am not that keen on categorizing my music, but you can do so, if you like. Still at least most of it is experimental and/or industrial. If you want to download or just listen to poor quality MP3:s, my songs are available at

Hiljaisuus at

Better quality MP3’s and “full” quality AAC’s (with art-work) are available for download through this blog. They are categorized as own music: kappale/song.

Own music: kappale/song category-link.

I can’t really play any instruments properly. I rather play small part, sample it, and then manipulate it with computer, and then next small part, etc. You get the idea. Then again, sometimes it is just funny to improvise, and see what comes out; Alesis AirSynth with Alesis AirFX is good tool for that.

For the tools/toys I own/use please check this page:

My music/tools-page.