Mielenmyrsky is concept album, based on science fiction book with same. Here are some information about book.

Mielenmyrsky is science fiction/cyberpunk book I wrote. Year is 2020, European union has more or less crashed, after financial crises hit first Spain, and then Italy. Second wave of swine flu has killed millions of people. It turned out that, everyone who took vaccine for first wave of swine flu, had zero resistance againts new mutated swine flu. There are couple of isolated laboratories around the world, that can make vaccine for new mutated swine flu. Current vaccine doesn’t heal everyone, but it will keep people alive, until another stronger vaccine is discovered. There is one laboratory in North Karelia, that pretty much takes care of whole Europe, and parts of Russia. Vaccine is distributed using delta-aircrafts donated by NATO. Book is about finnish courier pilot, who uses experimental neural link to connect and to control his delta-aircraft and it’s AI. Pilot’s mind and thoughts starts to blend in with AI of his aircraft.

That is the backgaround of the book. Now, I haven’t actually wrote the book yet, except in my dream. I might actually write that book someday, but now I am just making music based on it. 🙂

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