Anvil 31.7.2008 (guest dj)

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I was guest djing at club Anvil.

I played two sets, first one went very well, second one didn’t but I was expecting that, as I took some of the key songs I was meaning play in my second set and played them already in first. So I did, what I could do, in such situation: in intentionally broke my set, and then fixed it towards the end.

I can’t exactly say why, but for some random reason, I had hard time getting any structure for my dj sets. And sort of realised, I no longer have that same “drive” to dj that I used tohave. Of course it gives it’s nice to see people dancing to records you are playing, but I don’t feel that it is anymore enough for all the work that is required.I don’t thing that I will be guest djing anywhere in anytime soon. Of course, if we are able to organize Radium again, that is totally different case, but guest is no-no.

Same day there was also Blonde redhead and Regina playing at Tavastia, so I wasn’t expecting that many people to Anvil, but luckily I was wrong. There were surprisingly many customers even before eleven, and when I started to play my first set, some of my friends already came from Tavastia to Anvil. First set went pretty well, and many people came afterwards to thank for that set.

Time between sets I was mainly socialising, or not, because I have feeling, that most of the time I was trying to find someone, even I don’t exactly know who I was looking for.

My second set didn’t go as well as the first set, so I just put some hc/skate punk in middle of the set, to really break it. And then I just used rest of time slot to fix it. What is really surprising, is that there were some people dancing for McRad and Bones brigade, I mean, really, what the fuck!? 😀

Little after three o’clock I decided that it was time for me to go home. Of course that didn’t go quite as planned, as I found one way too drunken friend outside. She was so drunk that she needed someone to escort her home. As I was only one present to go even remotely same direction, so I got to collect yet another “nice guy point” *. My walking home took 30-40 minutes more than usually, which wasn’t actually that bad since hot, but not too hot,  summer nights actually are the best. Of course for nights sleep and following work day it wasn’t that good thing, but I managed both anyway.

Set lists are behind more link.
Set I (23.45 – 00.30)

Client: It’s not over (kindle remix)
Ladytron: Deep blue
Miss Kittin: Grace
Ashbury heights: Eternity at an end
Chicks on speed: Kaltes klares wasser
Goldfrapp: Ooh la la
Kraftwerk: Radioactivity **
New skin: Sweettalk ( mix)
Mgmt: Kids
Cinderella effect: Standing

Set II (1.50 – 2.30)

The Dresden Dolls: Pretty in pink
The Orders: World’s processing evil
Psyche: Disorder (80’s mix)
Editors: Bones
HorrorPops: Keep my picture!
McRad: Weakness (2007 version)
Bones brigade: Ain’t got nothing to do
The Horrors: Sheena is a parasite
Jack off Jill: Girlscout
Goldfrapp: Strict machine **
Theador bastard: Алтея (t_off mix by Requiem for FM)
Anne Clark: Sleeper in metropolis

** request

* You can collect nice guy points, but they are totally useless as they don’t have any value. You can’t change your nice guy points to anything useful. But, once you collect enough (too many…) nice guy points, you are stuck eternally to so called friend zone, which means, not a single girl will ever want to date you, because they value you so much as a friend, that they can never consider you as boyfriend… I have collected quite a few nice guy points already. 🙁

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Thanks for Ashbury Heights, Jack Off Jill & Psyche. 🙂 And others too, those just were the best.


Kiitos, DJ-seteistä saa aivan turhan harvoin yhtään mitään palautetta. Ja positiivista palautetta on vielä kivakin saada. 🙂

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