Anvil tomorrow! (well, today 31st of July)

30.07.2008 - DJ: soittolista/set list, English

Everybody (even the spammers, who are my most active readers) welcome to Anvil Club at Ladymoon tomorrow. Ladymoon is located very center of Helsinki, opposite central railway station. Address is Kaivokatu 12, 00100 Helsinki.

Club opens at 21.00 and closes at 4.00. I will be playing two about 45 minute long DJ sets. First one is probably before midnight and another after. I don’t know exact times yet, so best bet is to come early and leave late. 😀

As always there is Happy hour from 21.00 to 23.00, with very cheap beer and cider. And whole evening there basic drinks (vodka-cola, gin-tonic etc) are 3,3 euros.

My first set will be electro/electronic; rough schedule includes:

Emilie Autumn, Chicks on speed, Miss Kittin, Ladytron, Ashbury heigths, Goldfrapp, Jesus on Extacy, Anne Clark, Theodor bastard and Cinderella effect.

Second set is more guitar/indie oriented; rouch schedule includes:

Dresden dolls, Jack off Jill, The orders, Psyche, New skin, Mgmt, The birthday massacre, McRad, HorrorPops, The horrors and Annie Lennox.