Review: Gothic diva’s presents CD

10.07.2008 - English, Levy-arviot/record reviews

Briefly: Gothic/electronic/alternative compilation from Cleopatra featuring four bands with mainly female singers. This compilation came out 2006, so it isn’t exactly new, but I just bought it so I decided to write about it anyway.

Artists selected for the compilation are: London based duo New skin, ex-switchblade symphony singer Tina Root‘s new band Tre Lux, Switchblade symphony (r.i.p.) and totally unknown Effcee, which isn’t even introduced at CD covers.

In overall this is quite OK compilation, but nothing spectacular.

Details behind more: Compilation starts with four songs by New skin. Four songs could be great introduction to new band, unfortunately of chosen four songs, three are remixes by some other artists. So get some ideas what band sounds from one of the songs, while other three songs shows what other artists things they should sound. Non-remix song New skin is quite good gothic, something in it reminds me of Switchblade symphony. Remixes are more electronic/industrial, My world is remixed by Razed in black, and it, well, sounds more like razed in black without guitars. My favorite from New skin and also from whole album is Sweettalk, which is remix labeled as mix, which seems to some sort music of project by Porl King from Rosetta Stone. Last song by New skin is Hey baby, with remix David Harlow, while it isn’t that good still contains some interresting elements, but again I can’t be sure are they from New skin or David Harlow. Anyway New skin is definitely band that I would like hear more, so far they have been some other compilations as well, and they have released one CD, which is named also as New skin.

Next is Tre lux. And this where that Diva part really comes from. After Switchblade symphony split, singer Tina Root formed Tre lux, after all, she thougth she was the real charismatic leader of the Switchblade symphony. She just forgot something: It was Susan Wallace who was the actually music genius of the Switchblade Symphony, sure Tina Root contributed some lyrics, Susan Wallace was the composer. So what we have here is three covers songs by Tre Lux. Cover songs are Never let me down by Depeche Mode, Wild horses by Rolling stones and more or less unplugged version from Bad trash by Switchblade symphony. Versions are okay, little trip-pop, but unfortunately nothing too impressive.

I am not sure how many records Switchblade symphony has sold, but they must be one of best sellers from Cleopatra, why else would they put three songs to this kind of compilation from band that has been disbanded many years ago (seven years at the time this album came out). Included on the album is three songs, one from each album. First is classic Clown, which was their biggest hit and is from their debut album, then we have Soldier from second album, and last but not least Wicked from third album. Listening to these songs you can hear how band was drifting more and more from their gothic/darkwave roots towards electronica/triphop.  They are still one of my all time favorite bands.

Last we have synthpop/electroclash band Effcee with two songs: Perfect and Damaged girl. Unfortunately there isn’t any information about this band on CD covers. Google tells me that they are duo from Los Angeles, California.  Both songs pretty good, and reminds me of Client.

This compilation sells for less than $10, so it is very good deal.