Oldies – Radium XII 29.9.2006

26.05.2008 - DJ: soittolista/set list

Club Libérte at Kolmas linja 36.

Four sets behind more-link.

Set I

Des Esseintes – Due
The Protagonist – Strife
Sephiroth – The Call of the Serpent
Antigen Shift – Resurface
Rosewater – In the Name of Sturm
Front Line Assembly – Epitaph
Silk Saw – Commedia
Hecate – Houris’ Hours
The Synthetic Dream Foundation: It’s Too Late (apparitions mix)
Collide – Wings of Steel (The Sound of Glass mix – Aaron McDonald)
Velvet Acid Christ – Collapsed
Corporal Feast – Bash

Set II

Cubanate – Hinterland
Converter – Unreal (live mix)
Synapscape – My Distance


Oil 10 – Synthetic Skin
Noise/Girl – Discopathology
Tarmvred: Oskulden

Set IV Die Form – Resonant Magnetic Source
Synapscape – Got up
Imminent – Ethyl
This Morn’ Omina – ma/i/nomal [ccf]
RTPN – Pulse