DJ playlist: Löytöeläingootti 29.11.2013

02.12.2013 - DJ: soittolista/set list, English

I was again djing. This time to raise money for animal shelter.

Other DJ’s at event were: Karri and Pearly

My playlists are after this break:

Set 0 (before event had started to test equipment) – time <- 22:00

Fields of the nephilim: Sumerland
Maya Jane Coles: Easier to hide
Diary of dreams: Chemicals

Set 1 – time 22:00 – 22:45

Girls under glass: Frozen
Malaise: Assimilate
Nekromantik: Eating myself
The sisters of mercy: Alice (1993)
Eight dayz: What’s so strange about me
The exploding boy: Desperados
The Editors: An end has a start
The orders: World’s processing evil
Lesbian bed death: No tears please
The shrieks: Voodoo love
Das ich: Re_animat

Set 2 – time 00:15 – 1:00

Black nail cabaret: Butterflies
New skin: Sweet talk ( mix)
EMF: Unbelievible
Psyche: Disorder (80’s mix)
Dreadful shadows: Twist in my sobriety
Morrissey: Irish blood, english heart
Jack off jill: Girlscout
HorrorPops: Keep my pictures
Anders Manga: Catastrophe
Emilie Autumn: Fight like a girl
Horatii: Riposte
Cinderella effect: Standing