DJ set list: Synapsi 23.3.2013

06.05.2013 - DJ: soittolista/set list, Höpinää/Generic

Other performers at the event were:

Aesthetic Perfection (USA) (live)

Oldschool Union (Tampere) (live)

DJ E-110 (Helsinki) (dj)

My set lists after break

First set between – 22.00 – 23.00 – electro/ebm/etc

Archive: Bullets
Psychobitch: Sweet kiss
SPOCK: Never trust a klingon
Neuroactive: Obsession
Welle:Erdball: Wir sind die maschinen
Second decay: I hate berlin
Schwefelgelb: Alle sterne
Deine Lakaien: Lass mich
Ashbury heights: Hope
Little boots: Stuck on repeat
Chaingun Operate: Kaavakekauhu
Project pitchfork: Carnival (Covenant mix)
Crystal castles: Not in love
Tanghetto: Enjoy the silence

Second set after Aesthetic Perfection – 1.30 – 2.30 – ebm/rhytmic noise/idm/techno

Die krupps: Fatherland
Nekromantik: Shift the fulcrum (mr suicide)
Huoratron: Bug party
The Chemical brothers: Hey boy, hey girl
Noise/Girl: Discopathology
Morgenstern: viewer (sonar rmx)
Winterkälte: Toxic ships (cetrare version)
Haujobb vs. This morn’ omina: We are the renegades of noize
Tarmvred: Mourning (remix by Digidroid)
PAL: Reborn
Fading colours: Be an angel again
The kovenant: Star by star (apoptygma berzerk remix)
Imminent: Bock
Xanopticon: Hierodule
Yerzmyey: 30 minute

I almost enjoyed DJing after long pause. I may or may not djing again somewhere sometimes.