My bass setup

28.07.2012 - English, Höpinää/Generic
My bass setup

Bass setup I wrote last summer, that I did order a bass guitar, but since it was taking very long the get it, I also bought another bass. Evently I did receive my bass guitar just few weeks before Christmas. And it was as good as it should be, so in sense, it was perfect Christmas gift for myself from me. 🙂

I was supposed to write about it long time ago, I had other things in my mind, for example being in surgery, and then sick leave for over a month. Anyway, then I wanted to wait until I had my full setup ready. And at last it is ready. So here is my bass setup:

Bass guitar: Vigier Arpege IV in amethyst purple

amplifier and cabinet: Ampeg Micro CL stack (100 watt head and 2×10″ cabinet)

effects: Boss GT-6B multieffect processor

You can also see my guitar amp here, but I will write about my guitar setup in another post later.

Aand here is few words about how did I end up with this setup. Let’s start with the Vigier. I have wanted to own Vigier guitar since I heard Stanley Jordan was playing one, that was somewhere around late eighties or early nineties. 15000 finnish markka’s was then way above my limit, so I could not get one then.  Supprisingly today they cost about the same, few models even less and I earn in a month more than, I did in whole year then, so money wasn’t issue anymore. But instead of buying Vigier guitar, I decided to buy bass guitar. So I did, and I can tell you it is amazing instrument, and it actually feels more like guitar, than bass guitar. So, it is perfect for me, as I have much more experience playing guitar, than bass guitar.

Next I bought Boss GT-6B effect processor, I just happened to visit F-Musiikki while they had discounts before some renovation. It cost me less than half of the list price. I bought it because it was cheap. It has served me well so far. Before I had my Ampeg stack, I used this effect processor with headphones. I may have only used like 1/10th of the real potential of this device. But I still kind of want to get also Electro Harmonix Bass micro synth.

I just recently bought this Ampeg stack. I read numerous reviews of different bass amplifiers. I almost went for Hartke 2500+2×10″ speaker setup, but then I started to turn towards Ampeg setup. Full ampeg stack (SVT something with 8×10″ cabinet) in my apartment would be just stupid. So I started to look either Portaflex 350 with some small or medium size speaker or Micro VR + AV210 cabinet. I was just about to go buy Micro VR stack, but then Micro CL stack came out. Micro VR is 200 watt bass head, while Micro CL is it’s 100 watt little sister. Cabinet, that comes with Micro CL is same size as one made to accompany Micro VR, but little heavier, and it makes it feel little more solid. So far I am pretty happy with this little stack, and I can tell you it is more than loud enough for my needs, at least for now.

Edit: I have sold my practicc Ibanez, and now I only have one bass, my Vigier Arpege. which is OK, since I very rarely even touched that Ibanez, since I got my Vigier.