Searching for inspiration through new toys

24.07.2011 - English, Höpinää/Generic
Searching for inspiration through new toys

Some bubblewrap from package, too bad I already throw away two huge cardboard boxes they came in. Now, looking all that bubblewrap, you might think I bought instruments for whole symphony orchestra, but no, there was only two instruments, and gig bags for both.





And here they are:

What we have here is Harley Benton HBL 400 BK Gibson Les Paul copy, and Ibanez GSR200EX-GSF electric bass guitar. Les Paul copy I just bought, because I got it cheap, it was B-stock at Thomann. Bass guitar I ended up buying after many years playing guitar every now and then, I have never really been sure if it was right instrument for me. I thought I try bass. So I ordered a bass, but since I order build-to-order model, I will receive it in around 4-5 months. SO, while waiting, I thought why not buy another cheaper bass, to practise with. And I ended up ordering that Ibanez bass, since my experience with Ibanez guitar I bought last autumn has been very positive.

Actually I made that order little over two weeks ago, and I have had little over one week to play with these. Quick review from both:

Harley Benton Les Paul. HB is cheap instrument mark sold exclusively by Thomann. Most are cheap entry level instruments, and this one of the cheapest models they have. It was cheap, and you can tell it very easily after close inspection. Build quality is not perfect, mics are wonky, rhytm/treble switch is little loose, and on the neck plastic that keeps strings in line, looks very cheap. Strings are little high to my liking, but neck feels surprisingly good. Can’t tell anything about how sounds, as my Macbook Pro is in middle of software upgrades. Oh, since it is B-stock, paint finish is not perfect, and there are few scratches in body. But, overall for guitar that costs less then 100 euros new, it is pretty good.

Ibanez Bass guitar. By looking at it, with green matte finish and mic setup (both mics closer to bridge), this is probably build for rock/metal music in mind. But, same problem, as with other new toy, I haven’t been able to test how it sounds, yet. This one wasn’t the cheapest, so I was expecting at least some build quality, and yes, there is nothing wrong. Everything looks and feels good. Neck feels good to play as well. There is one thing, I don’t like, another mic, one between neck and bridge mic. It is sort of in “way”, I mean, it is exactly where my right naturally falls for playing, so I keep hitting my fingers at it, sort of. It is not really that big deal, just a little annoying.

Anyway, after playing one week bass guitar, I have to say, it feels already more natural for me than guitar. I should have bought bass guitar for many years ago already. It feels good, and I enjoy playing it. Now, I can hardly wait the actually instrument, I am waiting for. Like I said, this is cheaper instrument to practise with. I will write about that other toy, once I receive it in November, or in December. 🙂