Long silence (again) and Lumous 2011

12.07.2011 - English, keikka raportit/live reviews
Long silence (again) and Lumous 2011

Not much has happened since last update.

This entry contains some photos and words from Lumous 2011, few words about Cut/Copy & Villa Nah show at Kulttuuritalo and something about Peter Hook & The Light at Nosturi.

I went to see Cut/Copy and Villa Nah to Kulttuuritalo. Both bands were OK. At last I saw Villa nah, after around 2 years of trying to see them. And another Cut/Copy show. Cut/Copy is always great live.

Little while later I went to see Peter Hook & The Light playing Joy Division at Nosturi. I guess this is closest to seeing Joy Division you can get these days. It was pretty good. For a while, I was wondering, that why there is two bass players at stage; Peter Hook and some other guy, but it turned out that Peter Hook had his bass more as an outfit, less for playing. Anyway, it was pretty good.

And now fast forward to July. And no, I really didn’t go to any clubs, shows, or anything else, in between. I did visit Hong Kong, but that is another story, and doesn’t contain any music.

Lumous festival at Tampere. I have ranted about it before. There is so much more potential on Lumous, but it can’t get anywhere with current organizer’s, unfortunately. I guess there is enough people to be happy with just current form of festival, that no change or progress is expected. I had already decided not to go, but then Flow festival’s three day tickets were sold out before I got one, so I went to Lumous instead.

My two days at Lumous:

Friday: I missed early evening warm-up club with Impact. Afterwards I heard they were good. It was too early. I was at work on Friday, had travel with buss and train to tampere after work, as Automaan huolto failed to fix my car in schedule.

So I went directly to Klubi. There was some neofolk band playing, but since I have been little sick lately of all those neofolk bands with some dude playing out-of-tune guitar, and another dude finding too much space between notes while singing. Later I learned, that this time there was some blond chick singing instead. Too late now.

Then there was Freakangel, which I call for false advertising; promo picture’s show some hot chicks with the singer of the band, but no hot chicks were on stage. I took some photos, and then went back to terassi.

Main act of the evening was Star Industri. I have seen them couple of times before, they are OK, but that’s all. Same this time, they were Ok, but that is. They did play pretty good cover version from three year old indie hit Kids by Mgmt. It was good first time they played it, but when they played it again 20 minutes later, it was sad. Got few fotos.

Few photos from Friday:


Star IndustriFreakangel

Saturday: Went to Dark market, bought mutant bunny, and fairy t-shirt. Went to eat burger at Roosters. Some boozing, I didn’t want to see finish bands at Dog’s home. Kumous gnostic festival/what-ever-warmup probably would have been more interresting, but didn’t go there either. I didn’t feel like “dressing up”, so I just put on my new t-shirt and that’s it. I think I missed Larva. Then there was Attrition, which was OK. I got some photos then again to terassi, and more time was spend at terassi. Then there was Anne-Marie Hurst with her band. I saw them last year at Gothic festival in Belgium. It was just OK then, and same this time around.

Klutae was actually only band on whole festival, that I wanted to see. And, yes, it was almost worth all the trouble. Old-school EBM that is actually old-school, instead of all those new “fake” old-school EBM bands. Klutae is side project of Lars from Leather strip, with his husband, I think.

Few photos from Saturday:

Lars / KlutaeAttrition

Anne-Marie Hurst

I didn’t go to gothnic or The end. I Didn’t attend any wild after parties. I spoke with three different Elina’s, now that I think of it, it was little weird.