Maschinen fest 2010

19.11.2010 - Höpinää/Generic

un-edited notes from Maschinen fest 2010. I might clean or re-write this entry later.

I started my Maschinen fest trip by flying in Finnair business class. Free booze! Well, I didn’t drink that much, as I have been slight depressed lately, and at least for me, booze and depression doesn’t exactly work that great together. But I had few, just not enough to get drunk.

Trains at Düsseldorf airport trainstation was in chaos, my first train was cancelled, other’s were 10 minutes late. But in the end I got into train, and evently in to Oberhausen.

Oberhausen city center is totally dead now. There is huge shopping center at Neu Mitte, and it has pretty much killed all the business and life in city center. Anyway, I got my hotel room, and got some groceries.

Because I decided to for Hemi at hotel, I/we missed first three bands, which would have been Mandelbrot, 13th monkey and Matta. But we shared bottle of sparkling wine.

Chrysalide I saw at WGT this year, and saw them again. They have listened to their Skinny puppy. Okayish show from them. Somewhere around here we met another finn Petteri, who came from Lyon, France.

I only watched couple of songs from Bipol, nothing wrong there, I just wasn’t in the mood. Config.sys I saw couple of years ago, they were OK then, and they were OK now.

Ambassador21, well it is sort of cheap version of Atari Teenage Riot. Nothing wrong with that. I watched most of their show. That chick is pretty hot, even I am not usually into blonds. Then again, it is more about her stage act and attitude, that makes her hot.

I loved Asche, it has been, I think, 10 years since I saw really Asche show. He played few songs at Maschinen fest two years ago, right? Somewhere between Morgenstern, and others? Great show. We decided to skip Sonar. Seen it so many times.

Saturday. We decided to take a look, that Neu Mitte thingy. Whole Neu Mitte is just huge shopping center. Absolutely nothing out of ordinary there. We (all three finns) had coffee there. And we had our “Kaurismäki” moment at coffee.

Little nap at hotel, and back to Neu mitte for food; traditional Maschinen fest saturday meal; Tex mex. It took some time to get our foods. And again we missed couple of bands.

I saw couple of songs from ABS6, which was OK. The we saw most of the Subheim, which was also OK. Althought it took couple of songs for man behind the mixing deck to get sounds OK. I sort of liked it.

Edgey was what is, basic rhytmic noise, I think I took couple of dance steps, not that many.

Iszoloscope, was great. And I liked Ah Cama-sotz also. Especially I liked that psy-trance styled song they ended their show.

And then came Winterkälte. And they fucking rule! I think they rule even more than famous chapter four. I danced most of their show. Afterwards I was sweatty, and tired, but also slight happy, well, not, happy-happy, but I sort of felt good, for a little while.

Unfortunately, I lost my precious ring, Roosa, I had her for 12 years. And  I also lost my named pen. 🙁

Sunday, Hemi left for Amsterdam. As I didn’t have anything better to-do I just got myself pizza and headed for Turbinenhalleat around four, when first band was supposed to start.

They started at around 20 to five. Band was called Horque, and I got impression, that it was kind of humoristic rhytmic noise. But because of my limited german vocabulary, I missed most of the “lyrics”, so it really didn’t work for me at all.

Next was Killer, which was more of an performance, than live. There was guy in metallic mask sitting front of a television, and making some noise. It didn’t work for me either.

And straight to Lingouf, who started more like an IDM, but pretty soon it changed to generic rhytmic noise, with too little variations on beats, to keep me interrested.

At around this point, I met Petteri again.

FRL Linientreu, was, well, OK? Not very memorable, I guess, it has been only 7 hours since the show, and I can hardly remember what it was like.

Niveau Zero somehow reminded me of french “gansta”rap, even there wasn’t any rap involved. I think there was same kind of aggression, but in form of noise. Very deep bass drums.

Sonic area, well, I saw, but at this point I was little tired, so I couldn’t really focus on it enough.

Nullvektor woke me up again, or was it Sinalco cola? I saw Nullvektor just recently, and it was pretty much the same. It is rhytmic noise, more focused on rhytmic part. If you get yourself into dance mood, then it works. I danced some.

Mono No Aware was next, and as always, Leif really knows how to do it. Perfect rhytmic noise to dance to, but it is also pleasure to watch Leif work. You know, those laptop artists, they just push one button, and computer does everything, sure. 🙂

And last, but definitely not least, Architect. IDM/noise/breacore project by Daniel Meyer, who is better known from EBM projects he has been involved such as Haujobb, Clean and lately Covenant. Architect is something complete different. This was my first full Architect show. There was very nice flow going on, first some IDM, then introduce more noise, and then drop those IDM beats, then add some more and faster broken beats to turn it into breakcore. And this flow continued from song to song, and through whole set. And in the end we saw something very rare, encore, and another and third one as well.

Un-official theme at after party seemed to be Gabber this year. I was very tired and not in the mood for gabber (or to party), so I left early. But I was long enough to see people again dancing at the tables. It happens everytime. 🙂

My photos are online. Photos have you also short descriptions.  Photo gallery is here:

edit: fatal bug in imageMagick was tracked to actually being in ghostscript, which imageMagick was also using, and ghostscript was fixed. One of these days FreeBSD ports collection will implode because of all necessary and especially un-necessary cross-dependencies between applications…

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