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24.10.2010 - English, Höpinää/Generic, keikka raportit/live reviews

This week I travelled to Tampere to see Einstürzende Neubauten on their 3 decades tour. Twice, as all these 3 decades shows are split to two days, one as Einstürzende Neubauten show, and another title as “Evening with Einstürzende Neubauten”. “Evening with…” varies between cities, but it will always include some video footage from 3 decades of Neubauten, shorter Einstürzende Neubauten show, and two other bands/shows/spoken word thingies.

So, Wednesday was “Evening with Einstürzende Neubauten” evening, and it included: 30 minute set from Neubauten, with some very rare songs, spoken word/performance by Blixa and Mosermeyer show, which was duo featuring Rudolf Moser.

Neubauten show was very intimate, and strong, even only 30 minutes long, it was alone worth visiting Tampere.

Blixa’s spoken word thingy was very funny, and noisy. Blixa created galaxy and typical 4/4 radio hit called “Cosmic baby” using his looping sampler pedal. Later I heard, that he has done both of these before, but this first time I heard them.

Wednesday evening ended with Mosermeyer playing some droney ambient stuff, with some neubauten style percussions. Me and my “date”(*) liked it a lot, but my friend that was driving with us, didn’t like it. We travelled back to Helsinki by night, as I had some work things, that I couldn’t skip, and my “date” must attend some school lessons.

So Thursday we travelled back to Tampere, this time we had another friend joining us. Some of us went to eat sushi at Maruseki, best sushi I have eaten so far. Neubauten played at Pakkahuone, which is, well, I didn’t like at all, especially while waiting about an hour alone, as at that time my friends were all over Tampere, and none of them was with me at Pakkahuone.

Anyway, Einstürzende neubauten played approximately 2,5 hours, and I thing that covered pretty much all the their three decades. It was very good show, and they even played some obscure noisy stuff. And again after the show, we travelled back to Helsinki.

Friday for me it was time to visit Altparty, which mainly demo party for alternative computers, meaning. I am that much into demo scene, but they always have some nice bands, and this year wasn’t exception.

First band I saw was Since November that is space themed side-project of someone from Magenta skycode and The Crash. Space theme didn’t help, and the band just didn’t work for me. I guess it was okeish indie-pop/rock/what-not. Just not my cup of tea.

Next was Muffler. Late nineties Muffler won pretty much all the demo scene music competitions, but then techno/drum’n’bass scene took him. His set was mainly Drum’n’bass. Pretty good, but not quite as good as Dj Hidden or B Complex, who are two favorite drum’n’bass artists, not that I know that scene too much.

After Muffler I got distracted and found myself drinking beer at Damicon Kraa (one of sponsors) office, and I almost missed Aavikko. Ok, we can say I missed it, as I only saw last two songs. 🙂 But those two songs very good, and I liked them. It has been something along the lines 12 or 13 years, I saw Aavikko last time. I should catch them again sometime soon.

But, my main reason to attend that evening, was Carbon based lifeforms. And oh, boy, they were good. And they played all my favorite songs. Around 1,5 hours long show. Veeery good.

Saturday there was more, but I was little tired and only went to see Digidroid, that is side project of Carbon based lifeforms. Basicly 8-bit sounding chiptunes. I liked it a lot. Unfortunately it was very short set, only around 30 – 35 minutes.

So there. Next in line is Maschinen Fest, this time at Oberhausen, same area but different city.

(*) not date as in someone I am dating, just a friend I did spend most of my time at Tampere on those Neubauten evening. She is someone I like very much, I am even tempted to use that curse word, but I can’t as there isn’t us, and she has a boyfriend.