Still many records for sale! *update*

27.07.2009 - English, for sale

It has been long since I updated my records for sale list, but now it is again up-to date. I have removed many sold CDs and also added again few more CDs. No changes in vinyl department.

PDF list is available at:

Today (Monday 27.7.2009 14.16) list has 692 records.

EDIT: List update, for some reason, if I choose in Open Office Export to PDF and then click “All”, I would expect it to export ALL to PDF, not just 2/3. Now, if I make selection, and choose “Selection”, then it
exports all to PDF. List updated and now PDF actually have ALL the records I have for sale. PDF is 23 pages long.

Buy! Buy! Buy! If you want to buy some records, you can contact me any of the following ways:

Comment this entry with your Name (friends) or email (people whose email address I might not have)
Email me to: postita at undyinglands dot org
Call or sms: +358-400-541446 / If you are calling from Nigeria, I might not answer, sorry.