Top of the pop 2008? And 2007?

20.07.2009 - English, Höpinää/Generic, Levy-arviot/record reviews

As you probably know, only radio I have is in my car, and I never listen to. I don’t have TV either. So I am completely out of clue, what might be IN in the popular music. But every now and then there are some pretty OK songs in popular music as well, so there is always little tingling in back of my head, if I might have missed something worth listening. But no more! Or at least I just got years 2008 and 2007 fully covered, thanks to DJ Earworm.

DJ Earworm is american DJ and smashup artist. Usually smashups are just two songs put together, some of them pretty nice, most of them are not. DJ Earworm is putting much more effort to it, and what comes up is something much more than just two (or more songs) put together.

After watching DJ Earworms smashup videos for years 2007 and 2008, I have to say that year 2008 was better in popular music, than 2007. Or maybe DJ Earworm just did better job with material from 2008? 🙂

I have embedded both videos behind more-link.

DJ Earworm’s website is at:

Billboards top 25 of 2007:

Billboards top 25 of 2008: