Maschinen fest 2008 and 2009

11.07.2009 - English, Höpinää/Generic, keikka raportit/live reviews


At last I went through my Maschinen fest photos from last year, and put “best” ones to public photo gallery on my server. It only took, 9 months? Sorry for slow delivery. Then again, I haven’t put up my Mera luna photos from year 2007…

So, the photos are here: link

I would like to choose some of the best ones here, but it is almost 5 am, and I haven’t yet slept, so maybe I will update this entry after some sleep.


Ok, here is my favorites from my photos for year 2008:

Bands (one from each day):

And here is some goofin’ around (from sunday…):


Dates for the Maschinen fest 2009 was released little while ago, and also the venue. Venue has changed, which is sad, since Kulturfabrik at Krefeld was pretty optimal for Maschinen fest. New venue is at Essen, which is half size smaller than Krefeld. Half size smaller unfortunately means, only one third of the hotel capacity compared to Krefeld. Cheapest hotels are already fully reserved.

So, I decided to make hotel reservation, that I could later cancel, if I choose not to go. That was the idea, but I didn’t read small print in Holiday inn’s reservation system, and now I have hotel room reserved AND paid. Yes, they charged my credit card already. So, I am going. 🙂

Oh, dates for festival are: 09. – 11.10.2009.

Maschinen fest website: link

BTW: you can forget “Holiday inn special” they are advertising on Maschinen fest website, it is fully booked. There is another Holiday inn in Essen. My reservation is there, price for double room was 105 euros per night, including breakfast.