Something completely different…

09.07.2009 - English, Levy-arviot/record reviews

…I usually don’t like rap or hip-hop. My normal reaction to such music goes more along the lines, hate it. But there is something I have listened on repeat couple of times during this week.

Band is called Flocabulary. They have concept, unlike any other, it is hip-hop for classroom(!). They have two records about math and science, two records about social studies, namely history, and four records about language arts. Records are divided to different classes, like first math and science is meant for classes 2-5 and second one for classes 6-12.

Language arts have for example whole record dedicated to works of Shakespeare (for classes 7-12).

But, what really stands out, is their song about Edgar Allan Poe‘s classic short story The pit and the pendulum. There is flash video from the song at their site. Check it out, link is later in this entry. It is very horror story, so the song has some gothic feel to it as well. Very good.

Main website:

The pit and the pendulum video:

This is really something very different, and very interresting.