Fast forward: Wave gotik treffen 2009

09.07.2009 - English, Höpinää/Generic, keikka raportit/live reviews

I don’t have excuse for not updating this blog. Except of course, not much has happened in my life lately.

BUT, I did go to Wave gotik treffen. I was supposed to write a proper entry about it, but I haven’t lately felt like writing. Sort of a writer’s block. Anyway, behind more link there is quick and dirty report with few foto(link)s

Thursday – travelling/warm-up day

So I flew Thursday morning to Berlin. I met Riitta and Kari at Helsinki-Vantaa. I also met young couple from eastern parts of Finland, who were on their first ever trip outside of Finland. So I took them under my supervision, and from Berlin they travelled with us to Leipzig. In Berlin we had about 4 hours to spare. Quick visit to Zoo area. Some snacks and lot’s of beer, then back to Tegel to wait our friends, who came with Air Berlin.

We had rented bus, which was nice. Drinking, laughing, more drinking, eating candies and snacks. Leipzig. We ate indian food, which was good. Then we went to Irish pub, that sold Cider, which was nice. Everybody else went to Gothic pogo party, I didn’t feel like it, so I just went to Moritzbastei to say hello to Marisha and Molla. They had some other company as well, so I felt like I didn’t belong to, so I just drunk my beer and left. Oh, almost forget, there was some depeche mode wannabe band. Watched maybe two songs, but I wasn’t too impressed.

Ruutu having cider

Friday – Leandra and My dying bride

I had slept well. Our hotel had very good breakfast. After breakfast we went to change our tickets to bracelets. That went smoothly. Some grocery shopping, we ate thai curry, and then went to eat ice cream. I made also quick visit to Saturn, and bought couple of CD’s, namely new Amorphis, The Baseballs and The Birthday Massacre’s new live CD. Oh, and I bought latest Batman movie, one with Heath Ledger as Joker.

No-one except me, wanted to see Leandra, so I went to Werk II alone. Leandra was only artist that I must see. And I saw, and it was best-show-ever-this-year :). She played almost all the songs from her debut album.

After Leandra’s show, I went to Agra hall. I met Maria, Bruno and Halla at Dance macabre’s booth. I bought new Client (limited edition) CD, Xabec DVD and Frightdoll CD. I met other friends as well. After a while, me, Marja, Niko and Ilona took taxi to Kohlrabicircus to see My dying bride. I got to be rent-a-boyfriend for Marja, to save her from some drunken idiots. My dying bride’s show was pretty ok. Me and Marja lost Niko and Ilona, so we walked to few hundred meters to another venue, where “When we were young”-party was held. Most finns came there as well. After maybe three hours, me, Marja and Henna took taxi to our hotel.

Marja and ice cream Leandra My dying bride Murukki at When we were young

Saturday – Adoration, Cranes, Samael

Saturday started with hotel breakfast. I don’t remember what we did after that. At some point Ilona and Niko came to my hotel room, Marja and Henna joined us little later. Some music, whisky, beer and cider later we went to Kuppelhall. We took tram to closest stop, and walked from there. We found grocery store, and decided to get something to eat, well, it wasn’t exactly grocery store, as it didn’t sell anything to eat, but it had lot’s of beer, so we ended up buying some beer.

Adoration was very good. Since we didn’t know anything about Vic Anselmo, we went to buy more beer, and we drank it. After two beers I had to use toilet, so we went inside, I saw last song from Vic Anselmo, which was pretty nice. The Cranes was wonderful, as we expected. Niko and Ilona took taxi to Agra to see VNV nation, I walked to Kohlrabicircus to see Samael. Samael ruled! Oh, and while I was waiting for Samael to start, I ate hotdog and crepe with ham and cheese. I bought Adoration’s CD and Samael’s new CD.

I took tram to Moritzbastei and found some finns, I met my estonian-russian friend, who lives in London nowadays. Unfortunately she was in hurry, so we just changed couple of words. I didn’t feel like partying, so I left early, to catch little more sleep.

grocery store Adoration Cranes Samael

Sunday – Fading colours, Psyche, Solitary experiment, Client

Breakfast at hotel. Then little more sleep, I think. Then we went to eat indian food again. And ice cream, again.

Kohlrabicircus had nice electronic line-up, so went there. Fading colours, was even more techno, than last time. I liked it very much. There was some band, that we missed, since we were outside drinking beer. Psyche was small disappointment, well, sort of, their show pretty Ok, but somehow they managed to totally fuck up Disorder cover, unfortunately. Solitary experiment was very bad. Well, they good elements, BUT, all their songs sound like each other. All the songs follow same “pattern” where they introduce all the elements in the beginning of the song, then nothing changes during the song. And all the songs have same drum tracks. Very bad. I really liked Client, unfortunately, now that I have seen them three times, it is very obvious, that everything that happens on stage is very calculated, way too calculated. But, music works, that is of course the most important. Afterwards, we went to Moritzbastei, where we were supposed to meet most finns, but we only found Kaitsu and Eiska. Again, I left early to catch more sleep.

Ice cream and beer Fading colours Psyche Client Eiska and Kaitsu Ilona and Niko

Monday – Piknik, Die so fluid + others

Breakfast at hotel. Then last shopping spree at Agra hall. I bought Greifenkeil vs. Griffinvox limited edition box. I am not sure about their music, but their advertisement worked, well, it wasn’t exactly CD add, but their movement; Goth for earth. “Don’t you see, Earth is dying!”. We ate at Moritzbastei and then had ice cream for third time.

Then we had little “picnik”. Not much of a picnik, as I didn’t have anything to eat or drink. But we sat at the park. Eiska and Kaitsu was there little longer. We took tram to Parkbühne. We went there to see The Eternal afflict, but we were early enough to see last couple of songs from Die so fluid, which was nice. And they rocked again, Grog is hot. The Eternal afflict was, well, this was second time I saw them, I didn’t remember much about first time I saw them. I doubt that I will remember too much from this show either. There is nothing negative to say about them, they were OK, they just sort of goes from one ear to another, and then off. Instead of watching Inkubus Sukkubus, we went outside to have some beer, french fries and mushrooms. But we heard them. Less stories about vampires, than last time, but musicwise no changes. It’s like they made one song, then duplicated it ten times to release album, and then they re-released it again, and again, and again.

Nosferatu was Ok, I saw them last year at mera luna. Nothing new there. UK Decay wasn’t my cup of tea, so to say, so when it started raining, me, Marja and Henna decided to take taxi to after parties at Dark flower. We sat there couple of hours and couple of drinks, and then left to get again some sleep.

Picnik Die so fluid The Eternal Afflict

Tuesday – Travelling home

Again breakfast at hotel. Rest of the packing. Then to Motel one, where our bus was leaving. We took Halla to our bus also. Again, I had some hours to spare, so I went again to Zoo area. From Saturn I at last found new Fading colours CD, that I had been searching more or less actively whole festival. Mandatory döner mit käse. Then back to Tegel to give company to Halla. I bought bottle of Ardbeg, since I didn’t have any at home. It was nice to come back home.


It was Ok, but I didn’t really get that special festival mood on, at any point. I didn’t fully enjoy myself, or the festival, but of course it was better than staying at home. This has been very bad year for me, so me not enjoing the festival just goes to same bile as everything else this year. Oh, well.

Oh, almost forget: All the photos are taken with stupid pocket camera I bought, because without press ticket, I wasn’t allowed to bring real camera to festival. So photo quality isn’t very good. I hate pocket cameras, waste of time and money.