I am not dead yet…

25.05.2009 - Höpinää/Generic

…I just smell funny. 🙂

I haven’t really been anywhere, so there has been nothing report about. I have too stressed out to work on any music, so nothing has happened in that area either. And since I have been running awfully low on cash (which is also the reason for being stressed out…) so I haven’t bought any music (or anything else actually) in ages.

Only concert I have been since, well, forever?, was Emilie Autumn at Nosturi, in April. Compared to show in Tavastia last year, there was less music, more theatre/cabaree, or what ever. No more little miss sugarless, but Veronica get to play keyboards. Emilie was as lovely as always, but was cranky as hell, I old did quick visit to see the show, and left right after it. I only said “hi” to few friends, who just happened to come inside same time with me.

Thursday I am flying to Germany again. This time I am heading to Wave gotik treffen in Leipzig. Yes, you all know that festival for sure. There is only one artist I must see: Leandra (Leandra at myspace).

Rest of the time I am planning on boozing and dancing, probably more on later, as I am travelling in very low budget. 🙁

Of course there are few other bands I might see; Client, Psyche, Winterkälte, Samael, Cranes, Fading colours, Die so fluid, Herbst9, Troum…

Actually, there were quite a few bands I thought of seeing; unfortunately seven of them are playing same evening between 20.50 – 23.20; four of them playing exactly same time on different stages all around the city. That is the reason why I didn’t want to go there again after my first visit in 2001. Well, last year I had much different approach to whole festival, fuck the bands, let’s just have fun. If you want to see bands, there are much festival for that, but for generic fun, spotting goths, meeting friends and partying up till breakfast, WGT is good choice.

Ok, I have found some new music also, which I could recommend:

Little boots myspace – nice electronic/synth music; check embedded videos behind more link

– I found Little boots by accident from Myspace videos. In video she was covering Overload by Sugababes, alone in hotel room somewhere in Germany during her promo tour with just Tenori-on. While it was little “raw”, it had nice touch and I searched for more.

The Baseballs myspace – covers with rock’a’billy touch; check embedded video behind more link

– My friend send me link to this same video, I am linking here. I am slowly getting in to this rock’a’billy/psycho billy also, I just still don’t like most of the non-musical elements that belong to that scene.

Lady GaGa – nice electronic/dance music; Ok, you might wonder about this one, but I do like poker face, especially live version; check embedded video behind more link

– Lady GaGa is weird, but I think she is good weird. 🙂

Little boots: Stuck on repeat (live at Myspace tour bus in Camden, London)

Little Boots @ Camden Crawl 2009

She has lot’s of other videos in youtube; one year ago, before she got signed to label, she was posting one cover song/video every week under playlist “Funtimes”. Some of them are pretty good, even they are very low budget as you can expect. But, if you like this one, you sure should check them out; here is link “funtimes playlist”.

There is also big budget video available now:

Little boots: New in town

The Baseballs: Umbrella

Lady GaGa: Poker Face in Paul O’Grady show

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I want to find good pop music. Help me please.


You have to be little more specific.

Anyway, it is not really my area of expertise.

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