Music for sale! *updated*

07.01.2009 - English, for sale

I am trying to make more room to my CD shelf, and vinyl shelf as well, thought at the moment list contains only few vinyls. BUY! BUY! Everything must go!

Updated list of what I have for sale is in PDF format available in following URL.

List contains at the moment 578 items. That is why it is in PDF. It would be impossible to update html file of that size. List updated 20.1.2009. Added some 20+ 7″ vinyls, removed some sold CD’s and added few CD’s that was there before, but was removed as they were supposed to be sold, but wasn’t after all. Yes, I just love people, who can make decisions… :Wumpscut: Music for the slaughtering tribe II is coming back for sale also, as girl who was first to ask for it, doesn’t seem to want it after all. Four other people has asked that, unfortunately I don’t remember in which order, as I accidentally deleted all my inbox messages at Schatten message board. Yes, these list and records for sale there also!

I haven’t yet figured out what the prices would be for each item, but probably singles starting from 1 euro, and going up for about 3 euros, just few could be more, or not. CDs and LPs starting from like 3 euros and going up to what ever, as there are many limited editions as well. For CD-books, boxes, double/trible CD’s et cetera, we will figure out something.

Bulks preferred, and you definitely get better price when buying more. 🙂

Contacts by email at: postita at undyinglands dot org or by phone: +358 400 541446

Friends are welcome to come over and parse through the CD piles.


List updated, added new smaller list with just new additions.

EDIT: Music for the slaughtering tribe II sold after all. Have some around 100 more to add to the list, but I have been too busy (not really…) to add them to list.