Night of the folk Aesthetics & Graveyard Party III

25.12.2008 - English, keikka raportit/live reviews

These events both were at Gloria. First one was already over two months ago, second was last weekend. I just went through photos from both events last night, so I thought I write something about both. Just few phares, nothing spectacular.

If you want to just look at the photos, they are here:

Night of the folk aesthetics 11.10.2008


This event was held at Gloria in mid october, I am sorry it took me so long get photos online. There were three bands playing: Sieben from UK, Dornenreich from Austria and finnish band Tenhi headlining the event. Sieben was main reason for me to get there, and to my surprise, they were first one to play. So I went there early. I have to say, it really was worth it.

Sieben is “just” one guy (Matt Howden) with a violin, but he uses some modern technology and samples his own playing and there are many ways to playing violin, if/when you are not limited to “classical” ways. So basicly he is doing same, what Zoë Keating is doing with cello, except Matt Howden also sings. So some percussions with tapping the body of violin, some scratching with chin, etc. Sample everything and loop it. Very nice, very good, definitely one of best shows ever this year. 🙂 And to add top of that, Matt made some of best speaks between the songs.

Dornenreich was next to play. Dornenreich was more tradional neo-folk “band”, with two guys, one playing acoustic guitar and singing, and another playing violin (ok, this should have been marching drum :). They were pretty ok, but they just were every possible way inferior compared to Sieben. They seemed a little too serious, and their black metal roots were very obvious. But they were pretty OK anyway.

Tenhi was headlining, but I don’t understand why. Someone said to me that same evening, that Tenhi is not neo-folk/folk, they are just acoustic heavy-metal. I have to agree with that. I just wish I remembered who said that. Anyway, there were bunch of guys with acoustic guitars, girl with a violin and someone playing piano. Their music didn’t give anything to me, especially after Sieben and Dornenreich. I saw their show and left.

However, it seemed that most of the people came to Gloria just for Tenhi, there were only few people watching Sieben, little more for Dornenreich, and some more when Tenhi started. Tenhi is somewhat weird, as they were touring outside of Finland before any finns even knew they existed, and I assume their records are selling much more outside of Finland, as still today they have status of cult-band. Just some finns has heard their name, much fewer has ever heard their music, and all the finns that has ever seen them live, were at Gloria.

Nice event altogether, though Gloria is little cold for this kind of events, but it passed.

Graveyard party III 20.12.2008


Now, Graveyard party was totally different story, only link between Night of the folk aesthetics and Graveyard party is place Gloria and the fact that I went through both photos at same evening. 🙂

This was third graveyard party, first one was held at Kuopio (was it Kuopio?) two years ago. Second one was last year. I don’t know anything about first one, I wasn’t there, but I was at the second one last year. It did have some potential, but it lacked audience. So it was little surprise, that there were third Graveyard party. Graveyard party is organized by the members of band Black light discipline, so this is one way for them get their band know, and give them change play live. So, Black light discipline has been playing every time, and they were also playing this year. There were also Vanity beach and Turmion kätilöt playing. And there were some Freak circus performances by Jussi & Lassi from Circus mundus absurdus, and lifestyle/fashion show. And techno/goth/industrial DJ’s.

Vanity beach was first band to play. They claim to be industrial-rock, but I wouldn’t say that. I am not sure how to classify them, but I wouldn’t use word industrial. I am not sure what to say about them, but their music didn’t work for me at all. They were trying too hard; to be more “rock’n’roll”. I just watched few songs, took my photos and went upstairs to chat with friends. aQi was djing at “dark room”. After aQi, there was Tres with some gabber, and he was very good at clearing dance floor.

Black light disciple was playing next. They are playing heavy-metal with few gothic and industrial influences, so crossover? Nothing spectacular. Again they didn’t work for me either. They were better than Vanity beach, but that doesn’t really say much. Right after BLD started lifestyle/fashion show, and well, model’s weren’t professionals, or at least they didn’t have that much experience. I have to say lifestyle show wasn’t best part of the evening, but it was still nice addition to evening and something completely different.

I went again upstairs to look for my friends, but couldn’t find any, so I went back downstairs to just find out that I had missed beginning of Jussi’s and Lasse’s freak show. Not a big deal actually, since they did some tricks, and went backstage and then came back to do some more tricks etc. DJ Proteus was playing records. Some of those freak show tricks are little too much for me, well, “little” is not very accurate definition. So I kept on walking around and I found out that there few of my were friends still at Gloria, only most of them had left.

And I did found something cute as well, but as you all know how hopeless I am with human relations, it just went pass me without me noticing anything before it was too late.

Tres played most of his set to almost empty dance floor, same continued with DJ Kaitsu. Only few people found their way to dark room, when Kaitsu was playing. Little sad.

Turmion kätilöt was last band to play. There is something special in Turmion kätilöt, at least part of it must be that, they are being too serious. Also having two singers in the band gives much, and I mean two guys really singing (or shouting, whatever), not just having some guitar player singing backgrounds, which of course they also have. Lot’s of energy in their show.

There were surprisingly many people at Gloria this time, especially comparing to last year. Lot’s of “new faces”, and young people. Of course many had came because of Turmion kätilöt, unfortunately, I am to sure about IQ of some of those people. Sad but true. 🙁 I don’t think I have ever seen as much broken glass on Gloria. It almost reminded me of swedish-ferry discos when they still served alcohol on glass-glasses, meaning not the plastic-ones they use nowadays.

There also some merchandice stands as well, at least from Heavenly circus and Backstreet. Considering that they were aiming for way too many people, and not really offering anyone sort of enough of anything, it worked pretty well. Maybe next time little more focused, not trying to please goths, metalheads and ravers.