Lot has happened lately

10.11.2008 - English, Höpinää/Generic, keikka raportit/live reviews

And my louse excuse is that I have been too tired to update. Well, partly that is true, but it is still just an excuse.

So here is quick mash-up update to get you updated.

Emilie Autumn 21.10.2008 at Tavastia

Emilie Autumn show was just wonderful, little over two hours of excellent music, weirdness and theatrics. Since it was at Tavastia, I didn’t have camera with me, and photos I took with my old mobile phone are just too bad to even enjoy. Loved it! And love Emilie. 😀

Alternative party 2008

Alternative party at Kaapelitehdas was another case. There were some problems with restaurants at Kaapelitehdas, so it wasn’t possible to enjoy concerts and have beer at sametime. So on Friday we went there to see the Front 242 show, and left right after it. Front 242 was wonderful, probably best show I have seen from them.

Saturday I went alone to see Desert planet, who had just about everything, fire, paper-cannon… Again best show that I have seen from Desert planet. Just wonderful. Also browsed around the area little bit.

My alternative party photos are at:

Synapsi vs. Nightfall 31.10.2008

Synapsi vs. Nightfall was, well, pretty normal Synapsi, with gothic tunes played on first floor. There was just something missing from System (the first band to play). Telegram Frank Vollman worked surprising well, since he can actually sing and his guitar was in tune. Cryo was pretty Ok, they had listened their skinny puppys, but it was refreshing to have two band members of two man band both singing.  I was also recruited to work for Stalker magazine, namely I took photos for interview with Frank Vollman. I have to say, I didn’t really like that guy, he gave me bad vibes during whole interview.

I haven’t went through all the Synapsi vs. Nightfall photos, except for the interview photos. But I am not putting those photos to my galleries. If I remember, I will add link to that interview, once it is online.

Something generic

I missed Om show, since I had something much more exciting to-do same time. I missed Dälek, as I was little sick (sneezing, head-ache, etc), and also had bad feelings about the show. Me and hip-hop don’t match.

Schatten Samhain 2008

Schatten samhain was lot of fun, unfortunately, my bunny-mummy costume was not as big success as my last years ghost-bunny costume. So I didn’t win anything at costume competition. I suspect foul-play with judges, maybe even some bribes had been given! Again I was aware that there were some music played, as I used most of the time chatting with friends, and with people that I didn’t really know, AND strangling people and recording their last breaths. I promised to make song out of the last breaths, which I have total of 35 recorded. I will just use best ones.

Photos are already online at:

4 thoughts on “Lot has happened lately


En mä jaksa lähettää sähköpostilla tota!:DD


Voit sä sen tulostaa ja ojentaa mulle paperillakin. 🙂


Franesta lähtee kyllä ehkä vähän kummallisia (evil?) viboja. Keikan tunnelmasta ja keikasta kyl tykkäsin. Harmi, ettei se näyttänyt muuten kovin paljoa ihmisiä kiinnostavan.

Yritän vastailla kyselyyn täs lähiaikoina.


Noh, ei ne nyt silleen minulle tulee vibat niin “evil” viboja ollut, vaan lähinnä semmoisia, että “Tässä nyt on kyllä tyyppi, jonka kanssa en välttämättä halua olla yhtään missään tekemisissä”. Tuskin kyllä tarvitseekaan.

Ja joo, ois tosi hienoa jos jaksat vastata tuohon kyselyyn. Ja voisit samaan syssyyn pistää Juhankin vastaamaan. Olisi oikeasti tarvetta saadakin noita vastauksia; moni on kyllä luvannut vastata, mutta vasta kaksi on oikeasti minulle vastaukset lähettänyt.

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