I survived Maschinen fest 2008

13.10.2008 - English, keikka raportit/live reviews

And it was lot’s of fun. Sunday people were already leaving, and it wasn’t as crowded as other days.

The [law-rah] collective was like soundscapes and/or ambient. It was nice, lazy start for last day. Monolith was, as before, more techno, less rhytmic-noise, pretty ok, just a little dull. MS Gentur released new CD after ten years of hibernation, and played show. It was little more interresting to look, as actually played his Korg MS-20.

Proyecto mirage is on CDs moving more and more towards techno, but their shows still have more of industrial/rhytmic noise feel to it. And they were pretty OK. Contagious orgasm showed japanese way of doing things. Very focused 30 minutes of noise, soundscapes and rhytms.

Special guest was some punk band, who were friends of Thomas (main organizer of Maschinen fest). Didn’t really like, so I just listened couple of songs, took some photos and wandered back to DJ-area/merchandise tables. EDIT: Bands name was EA80 and they have been active since 1979!

Bong-ra didn’t offer much to see, just one guy behind the laptop (then again, maybe half the bands where like that…), breakcore, pretty ok, if you like it. I felt too tired to focus, so I kept wondering around. But he played my favorite song, Suicide speed machine girl, which was awesome. Also song with Black sabbath’s Warpig samples was nice. Vromb was pretty OK, but again, I was too tired to really focus.

Winterkälte has always been one of the best rhytmic noise bands there is, especially live. Two guys, one has full electric drumset, one has couple of keyboards. Winterkälte is live as breath-taking experience as is their latest CD, and by latest I mean Disturbance, not that re-released first album.

After Winterkälte at the DJ area everybody just went mad, people were dancing on the tables. And there were even couple of mosh pits. And to what music? Latest rhytmic noise hits? Some breakcore? No, 90’s techno and euro-dance! 2 Unlimited, Scooter… Also some actually good stuff as well, like KLF.

My maschinen fest loot increased with way too many CDs on last day; couple of Kraken CD’s, Spectre maschinen deal, which included: Kraken DVD, Vromb CD-box, Hysteresis and This morn’ omina. Another Contagious orgasm, Phoney M – Industrial tribute to Boney M, and from hands productions stand: Xabec & Orphx remix-compilations.

After music has ended at after party (at around 5 am?) I left and walked too the hotel. I didn’t feel like waiting for taxi, and also needed some time clear my head. And I was lucky I did that, because I met some local wild bunnies, and hedgehog. I talked to hedgehog couple of minutes, I am not sure if he understood, but at least he/she didn’t run away. At hotel I passed out middle of emptying my camera. Luckily I woke early enough to back everything.

Monday was spend most of the time at terrace of Kamps with vtl and couple of irish maschinen fest visitors.

I am again suffering from post-festival depression. 🙁

Maybe Electroansclag next April?

BTW: I took little over 1000 photos, but I have already deleted 100 worst, and will probably delete couple of hundreds more, before putting them online.