Maschinen fest – one more day

05.10.2008 - English, keikka raportit/live reviews

Imminent was wonderful, as was Monokrom and Klangstabil. Rasputeen in heavy leather made suprising revelations, two of them were actually Catholic boys in heavy leather, audience was shocked, who would have quessed!? 😀

Xabec was supririsingly noisy, well, not noisy-noisy, but something else than minimal ambient, that it was last time. Orphx was pretty Ok, but little to slow at 3AM.

My loot has only increased with two more CDs; latest Mono no aware and Contagious Orgasm.

Damages so far: Lost lens cover for my Nikkor VR lens, and some asshole had thrown bubblegum on the floor, and now it is in back of trousers.

Found 22 euroes from floor, so I can probably buy something like 10 new lens covers from DealExtreme. But I don’t know what to do with trousers. 🙁

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Orphx ‘too slow’? Did you stay for the whole set? The last 20 minutes of their set and the two encores were slamming! A totally dynamic and amazing set, imo – one of the highlights of MF 2008.

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