At Maschinen fest

03.10.2008 - English, keikka raportit/live reviews

Quick update from Maschinen fest.

First day is behind, Mono no aware was awesome! As was Kirdec. I also really liked Architect’s and Enduser’s collaboration. Iszoloscope was little pit too focused on beats, Camanecroszcope was pretty Ok, just little too slow for someone how had slept way too little last “night”, but Ah cama-sotz was again wonderful. Hysteresis was interesting new-comer, but you can tell that they are new-comers.

My loot contains so far:

Monokrom – One day in the pyramid
Klangstabil – Math & Emotion (limited)
Tricot trio – Neu optimism (imminent + 1/2 silk saw)
Kirdec – Killed by a coconut
DJ Hidden – The later after
Larvae – Loss leader
The Teknoist – …Like a hurricane made of zombies
And of course Maschinen fest compilation that was free with four day ticket.

And of course I have took some 270 photos, which probably half I delete after checking them through.