Levy-arviot/record reviews

Top of the pop 2008? And 2007?
As you probably know, only radio I have is in my car, and I never listen to. I don’t have TV either. So I am completely out of clue, what might be IN [...]
Something completely different…
…I usually don’t like rap or hip-hop. My normal reaction to such music goes more along the lines, hate it. But there is something I have [...]
Review: Gothic diva’s presents CD
Briefly: Gothic/electronic/alternative compilation from Cleopatra featuring four bands with mainly female singers. This compilation came out 2006, so it [...]
Review: The Horrorpops: Kiss kiss, kill kill
I have said before (ok, not on this blog), and say again: There are hidden jewels on all the music genres, you just have find them. I really don’t [...]
Ensimmäinen oikea merkintä
Joo, vähän hitaanlaisestihan tämä on lähtenyt käyntiin, mutta ehkä hieman saan enemmän intoa tehdä tällekin jotain, kun tässä muutamat työkuviot vähän [...]