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Long silence (again) and Lumous 2011
Not much has happened since last update. This entry contains some photos and words from Lumous 2011, few words about Cut/Copy & Villa Nah show at [...]
About shows and travelling
This week I travelled to Tampere to see Einstürzende Neubauten on their 3 decades tour. Twice, as all these 3 decades shows are split to two days, one as [...]
Schatten 10v. ja hautajaiset
At last I found my neck, took a good grip from it and went through all those around 300 photos from last Schatten club ever, in January 2010. While I [...]
Maschinen fest 2008 and 2009
2008 At last I went through my Maschinen fest photos from last year, and put “best” ones to public photo gallery on my server. It only took, 9 [...]
Fast forward: Wave gotik treffen 2009
I don’t have excuse for not updating this blog. Except of course, not much has happened in my life lately. BUT, I did go to Wave gotik treffen. I was [...]
Night of the folk Aesthetics & Graveyard Party III
These events both were at Gloria. First one was already over two months ago, second was last weekend. I just went through photos from both events last [...]
Lot has happened lately
And my louse excuse is that I have been too tired to update. Well, partly that is true, but it is still just an excuse. So here is quick mash-up update to [...]
I survived Maschinen fest 2008
And it was lot’s of fun. Sunday people were already leaving, and it wasn’t as crowded as other days. The [law-rah] collective was like [...]
Maschinen fest – one more day
Imminent was wonderful, as was Monokrom and Klangstabil. Rasputeen in heavy leather made suprising revelations, two of them were actually Catholic boys in [...]
At Maschinen fest
Quick update from Maschinen fest. First day is behind, Mono no aware was awesome! As was Kirdec. I also really liked Architect’s and Enduser’s [...]