DJ: soittolista/set list

Mixtape – Synapsi jäähyväiset
Kahlailin läpi Synapsissa vuosien varrella soittamani DJ-setit ja päätin sitten tehdä niiden pohjalta “mixtapen”. Välineinä iPad Air, AKG [...]
DJ playlist: Löytöeläingootti 29.11.2013
I was again djing. This time to raise money for animal shelter. Other DJ’s at event were: Karri and Pearly My playlists are after this break:
DJ set list: Synapsi 23.3.2013
Other performers at the event were: Aesthetic Perfection (USA) (live) Oldschool Union (Tampere) (live) DJ E-110 (Helsinki) (dj) My set lists after break
Tragic Disco 15.10.2008 at Lepakkomies
Tragic Disco is organized by DJane Unesta and DJ Norman. I will be guest DJ. Club is from 21.00 to 2.00, when bar is closing. Entrance is free. It is new [...]
Anvil 31.7.2008 (guest dj)
I was guest djing at club Anvil. I played two sets, first one went very well, second one didn’t but I was expecting that, as I took some of the key [...]
Anvil tomorrow! (well, today 31st of July)
Everybody (even the spammers, who are my most active readers) welcome to Anvil Club at Ladymoon tomorrow. Ladymoon is located very center of Helsinki, [...]
Oldies – Radium XIII 3.2.2007
Club Libérte at Kolmas linja 36. Two sets behind more-link.
Oldies – Radium XII 29.9.2006
Club Libérte at Kolmas linja 36. Four sets behind more-link.
Oldies – Radium XI – 23.4.2005
Stella star club. Just one set behind more-link.
Oldies – Radium X 13.11.2004
Stella Star Club. Two sets behind more-link.