for sale

Selling about half of my vinyls
Yes, I am trying to take advantage of all you hipsters, who are hamstering vinyls. Local pick-up would be appreciated, postage can be arranged, but keep in [...]
For sale!
I have just updated to my for sale movies, and I will probably keep adding stuff for next few days. Right now lists have 30+ movies, both DVD’s and [...]
Still many records for sale! *update*
It has been long since I updated my records for sale list, but now it is again up-to date. I have removed many sold CDs and also added again few more CDs. [...]
Music for sale! *updated*
I am trying to make more room to my CD shelf, and vinyl shelf as well, thought at the moment list contains only few vinyls. BUY! BUY! Everything must go! [...]