Uusi vuosi, uudet kujeet…
…tai sitten ei. Vuosi vaihtui, aika hiljaista on ollut viime vuonnakin, tänä vuonna tuskin on kovin paljon enempää aktionia luvassa. En siis usko, [...]
Bad year
No Mera luna for me this year, and no Maschinen fest either. This has been worst year since… I don’t know, or remember. Now I could say, that I [...]
Top of the pop 2008? And 2007?
As you probably know, only radio I have is in my car, and I never listen to. I don’t have TV either. So I am completely out of clue, what might be IN [...]
Maschinen fest 2008 and 2009
2008 At last I went through my Maschinen fest photos from last year, and put “best” ones to public photo gallery on my server. It only took, 9 [...]
Fast forward: Wave gotik treffen 2009
I don’t have excuse for not updating this blog. Except of course, not much has happened in my life lately. BUT, I did go to Wave gotik treffen. I was [...]
I am not dead yet…
…I just smell funny. 🙂 I haven’t really been anywhere, so there has been nothing report about. I have too stressed out to work on any music, so [...]
Black nail cabaret
Interresting find I have to say. Namely because of Rihanna cover. Well, I wanted to write more about them, but there doesn’t seem to be much [...]
Too weird to be true
…or is it? I have told some of you about this video before, but I haven’t posted it. So here it is, winning cheerleader group from Branson is [...]
Sorry, again.
Not as much has happened, as you expect since last update, but still. Things that I will write more later, maybe even later today (or tomorrow): Shows and [...]
Lot has happened lately
And my louse excuse is that I have been too tired to update. Well, partly that is true, but it is still just an excuse. So here is quick mash-up update to [...]